Maurice Barnich

Digital Audio Processing

Live recordings


Live recordings are a challenge for both the sound recordist and the performing artist.

Over the years I optimized my recording equipment for this challenge - easy and fast setup, as portable  as possible with no compromise on sound quality.

In live recording it is very important to capture the atmosphere of the event - this asks for microphones capable of handling the wide dynamic range of a live performance, capturing as much “atmo” as necessary but still keeping the focus on the music.

The optimal placement of the microphones - keeping in mind the optics (after all the audience did not come to admire the beauty of modern recording gear :-) ) is a great part of the success in live recording of classical events.

I do recordings of recitals, chamber music formations, small and large orchestras and not to forget church organ. The venues I canwork in range from small to large concert halls, all kind of churches. All I ask for is a little corner to put my equipment and a 220V mains plug.

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Live recordings